Vintage Huck Fabric!

This recently discovered fabric is new, old stock, is 100% cotton and comes in seven different colors!  White, navy & yellow, 60″ wide; grey, blue, pink and green, 36″ wide.  You will love using this fabric to make any number of Swedish weave/huck embroidery projects, including towels, runners, placemats, pillows, bookmarks and more!

Sold by the inch, with 18″ (1/2 yard) minimum.  NOTE: if you plan to use this fabric to make towels, as stitchers routinely did, it is important order, in inches, the length you want the towels to be, before washing and drying.  Like huck toweling, the floats in this fabric go only one way, and are vertical from selvedge to selvedge.   Click on any color listed below to see details and to order.

White, navy – $ .28/inch 

White 60″

Navy 60″

Yellow 60″

Grey, pink, green, blue – .25/inch

Grey 36″

Pink 36″

Green 36″

Blue 36″

Samples of any of the fabrics are available upon request.  Just send an email request with your name and address as well as which fabric you would like a sample of. Priced by the inch; 1/2 yard or 18″ minimum order; 60″ wide – .27 per inch   36″wide – .25 per inch


Huck Toweling

Huck toweling is back, newer and better than ever, with two colors now available!  Click the link for details.


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